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Basement Encapsulation

When people hear the word ‘encapsulation,’ most people assume it’s for a crawl space. But encapsulation has a practical application for basements as well.

After a water drainage system is installed, your basement can be encapsulated. This will ensure any water seeping through the walls is directed only down to the drain and not out into your basement.

Basement encapsulation will also seal out moisture that collects as humidity levels increase. That being said, a certain amount of condensation is to be expected because of temperature differences between the outside of your foundation and inside your basement.

How Is Encapsulation Different from Waterproofing Paint?

When you apply waterproofing paint, the pain adheres tightly to the wall’s surface, filling the outermost pores of the concrete. This prevents water from coming through and traps it inside the wall.

Encapsulation is not glued in place like wallpaper, it’s installed to allow for a tiny gap between the white cap and wall. This lets the water through the concrete, but not out into the basement directly. The moisture only reaches the inside of the white cap and then slides down into the drainage.

When Do We Recommend Encapsulation?

Generally, this is of significant importance in older homes with foundations made of brick or stone. These materials are highly permeable and offer less resistance to water seepage (when compared to modern concrete or concrete block). Water can have a damaging effect on the mortar joints between bricks and stones, which increases the likelihood of water seepage.

We also recommend encapsulation on the walls if you plan to fully finish the basement. Even when the water is draining into a drainage system, the foundation itself can become damp. That humidity can be enough to allow mold to develop in the insulation and spread to the drywall and wooden framing. No one wants to install a shiny new home theater in their basement, develop mold, and tear a portion of it apart to clean up and start over.

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