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Have you noticed cracks appearing in your drywall or basement walls?  Do doors and windows seem to be sticking? Are your floors uneven in your house?  When you go outside do you notice cracks in your brickwork or that your chimney is leaning?

These are just some of the warning signs that there's an issue with your home's foundation.

In addition to these visual cues, basement water leakage or flooding and wet or weeping walls also point to the need for an expert foundation evaluation. 

Foundation Issue Examples

Like everything exposed to the elements, our homes are affected by the weather. Concrete expands and shrinks with changes in temperature, which together with moisture, and that can cause cracking over time. Unfortunately, most concrete foundation cracks are not detected until long after they’ve formed and resulted in a leaky basement or worse.

You can trust The Foundation Repairers to provide you with an expert, affordable foundation repair. From our initial, free home evaluation through to our post-work site inspection, you can always be assured of trustworthy, honest advice and detailed attention to ensure a complete resolution to your issue.

Give us a call to for a free, detailed inspection and written estimate to resolve your foundation issues, preserve your home's value and keep you and your family dry and safe!

What We Do

As clear as our name, we repair foundations.  Whether that means reinforcing a failing foundation or waterproofing your basement, we do it all.  Read below to learn about how we help our customers preserve the value of their home.

Foundation Repair

Cracks in the foundation of your home or business are caused by a multitidue of reasons. Frost heave via ice expansion, poor soil conditions and compaction, faulty foundation installation, etc. We’re here to help protect your most important investment and provide you peace of mind.
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What's causing the cracks in your foundation? It may not be a matter of the foundation's construction but rather  a matter of the soil it's built on and how your soil how handles water.
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We use carbon-fiber kevlar straps in combination with incredibly rigid epoxies to reinforce basement walls with stronger-than-steel strength. These epoxies are designed to bond the carbon fiber straps directly to the structure by permeating both the foundation and carbon-fiber. After application, both materials harden into a permanently bonded structure.
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Basement and foundation walls are designed to support the downward weight of your home. Over time, weather and poor soil conditions can cause pressure to press against your wall, resulting in bowing or cracking walls. A damaged wall can cause serious issues for your foundation and greatly decrease your home’s value.
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When the foundation is unlevel, your home’s structure is pulled in opposing directions. Building components like wooden beams and concrete walls are not designed to bend or stretch- so they begin to twist or warp. Helical piers are steel posts that hold your foundation stable and secure. Piers are screwed into the ground outside of your home until they reach stable, undisturbed soil.
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Whether you’re a new homeowner or an experienced homeowner who’s never had a basement before, water intrusion is an issue you don’t think about until you experience it. Address it promptly; water damage poses a threat to your health and your home’s health, and we’re here to help.
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Water getting into your basement? Are you struggling to manage, get rid of, or solve this issue? If you find yourself in one of these situations, that’s all right - you’re in good company. Waterproofing is an essential part of protecting your investment.
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Waterproofing necessarily requires dealing with water intrusion.  While prevention is ideal, how you resolve the problem of water intrusion once your foundation is breached and it's a recurring issue, is important.  That's where water drainage channels come in.
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When encapsulating a basement or crawl space, you are installing a thick layer of material not unlike that of a pool’s liner. This liner is typically manufactured of vinyl, plastic, or other slick materials.

The goal of encapsulation is to keep water that comes through the foundation from getting into the space being used. This is why encapsulation is highly recommended to homeowners who are planning to finish their basement. The liner will protect the insulation, drywall, and other furnishings from water that penetrates the basement walls.
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Biological growth, also known as efflorescence, will thrive in a dark and damp space. If your basement or crawl space is either of those things, you may already have mold growth taking place. Mold spores are everywhere in the environment and spread with ease. We utilize odor neutralizers, moisture barriers, and other methods to eradicate mold growth and prevent it from taking root in the future.
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When water intrusion is an issue, waterproofing a basement is an essential cost to maintaining both the value and health of your home.  

Taking care of the issue early will prevent further degradtion of the foundation and stop the growth of mold and mildew that contribute to poor internal air and can cause illness.

But while essential, how much should you resonabley expect to pay?
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