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Here at The Foundation Repairers of Evansville, we know that if you need help with waterproofing issues or issues related to your home’s foundation, the best decision you can make is to call us and schedule a free estimate with one of our expert project advisors.

Our customers know to call in our experts and avoid the extra cost, time and unnecessary headaches that come with attempting to do these kinds of specialized jobs on their own.

Having one of our Evansville home repair experts assist with your foundation or waterproofing problems will save you the stress and extra time and money it would otherwise take to deal with the issues if you were to tackle the problem on your own or by hiring someone not specialized in the trade. 

We’ve been helping Evansville residents solve foundation repair and waterproofing issues for years. 

Your home is your most valuable asset. Don't take chances with its and value and your family's safety.  Start and end with the experts!
Cracked and bowing wall before Cracked and bowing wall after repair and carbon strapping installation

Before & After: Cracked and bowing basement wall repair

Basement waterproofing before repair Basement waterproofing after repair with water channeling, dimple board and sump pump installation

Before & After: Basement waterproofing with sump pump installation

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