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Carbon Fiber Straps

What Are Carbon Fiber Straps?

Carbon fiber straps are a product used to reinforce and stabilize a foundation wall. They are the least expensive repair method and the easiest to install. They are effective as long as the wall is bowing two inches or less. 

How Carbon Fiber Straps Work

The straps are secured to the wall with a specific epoxy mixture. This epoxy seals the wall and fuses the strap to it. The straps have a special anchor at the top and bottom of the wall, to hold it in place and prevent the wall from shifting or sliding. Once the installation is complete, the straps and wall can be painted to minimize the repair’s appearance.

A major benefit of carbon fiber straps is that it is possible to install them entirely from the inside of the home which requires no excavation. This reduces the noise, installation time, and the amount of clean-up that must be done. It also saves you the headache and potential costs of repairing or replacing landscaping damaged by excavation.

It's important to note that the goal with repairing your wall this way is to stabilize the foundation wall and prevent any further movement. This means that your wall will be firmly held in place, but it may not be fully restored to its original position.

If you want a bowing wall restored to its original position, the wall will need to be manually straightened first which does require excavation.

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