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Here at The Foundation Repairers of Indianapolis, we know that if you need help with waterproofing issues or issues related to your home’s foundation, the best decision you can make is to call us and schedule a free estimate with one of our expert project advisors.

Our customers know to call in our experts and avoid the extra cost, time and unnecessary headaches that come with attempting to do these kinds of specialized jobs on their own.

Having one of our Indianapolis home repair experts assist with your foundation or waterproofing problems will save you the stress and extra time and money it would otherwise take to deal with the issues if you were to tackle the problem on your own or by hiring someone not specialized in the trade.

We’ve been helping Indianapolis residents solve foundation repair and waterproofing issues for years.

Your home is your most valuable asset. Don't take chances with its and value and your family's safety. Start and end with the experts!

Cracked and bowing wall before Cracked and bowing wall after repair and carbon strapping installation

Before & After: Cracked and bowing basement wall repair

Basement waterproofing before repair Basement waterproofing after repair with water channeling, dimple board and sump pump installation

Before & After: Basement waterproofing with sump pump installation

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Whether we're reinforcing a failing foundation or waterproofing a basement, our experts at Foundation Repairers of Indianapolis do it all.  Read below to learn about how we help our customers preserve the value of their home then call us to put our knoweldge and experience to work for you!

Foundation Repair

Structural foundation repairs are paramount when a foundation’s integrity has weakened. The foundation is the base upon which your entire home sits, and any issues with it have a significant impact on the safety of your house. That's why foundation repair is a crucial consideration for homeowners who want to protect their investment and ensure the long-term stability of their home.
Learn More About Foundation Repair
Foundation Cracks in your home or business are caused by a multitude of reasons. Frost heave via ice expansion, poor soil conditions and compaction, faulty foundation installation, etc. We’re here to help protect your most important investment and provide you peace of mind.
Learn More About Foundation Cracks
What's causing the foundation settlement cracks in your foundation? It may not be a matter of the foundation's construction but rather a matter of the soil it's built on and how your soil handles water.
Learn More About Foundation Settlment
Bowing basement walls are a sure sign of a weak foundation. Basement and foundation walls are designed to support the heavy downward weight of your home. Over time, weather and soil conditions can cause pressure to press against your wall from the sides, instead of straight down, resulting in bowing or cracking walls.
Learn More About Bowing Basement Walls
Helical pier foundation repair is perfect for when your home’s structure is pulled in opposing directions. Building components like wooden beams and concrete walls are not designed to bend or stretch- so they begin to twist or warp. Helical piers are steel posts that hold your foundation stable and secure. Piers are screwed into the ground outside of your home until they reach stable, undisturbed soil.
Learn More About Helical Piers


Waterproofing and repairing a foundation can significantly extend its lifespan. Basement foundations are often used for various purposes, such as storage, recreational spaces, or even as additional living spaces. Waterproofing your home’s basement or crawl space ensures that it remains dry and functional, protecting it from moisture damage, mold growth, and other issues that can shorten its lifespan. A dry basement is less likely to develop cracks, leaks, or other structural issues, ensuring that it remains a valuable and usable space in your home for years to come.
Learn More About Waterproofing & Repairs
Basement Waterproofing is the art of water management. It involves installing drainage channels along the inside perimeter of your basement walls (drainage channels are somewhat like pipes that go under the concrete floor).

When homeowners first investigate waterproofing, they may view it simply as the method for removing the water from their basement. But through research, you will realize that alleviating the pressure that water generates against your foundation is also a critical part of this process. This pressure is called hydrostatic pressure.
Learn More About Basement Waterproofing
When encapsulating a basement or crawl space, you are installing a thick layer of material not unlike that of a pool’s liner. This liner is typically manufactured of vinyl, plastic, or other slick materials.

The goal of encapsulation is to keep water that comes through the foundation from getting into the space being used. This is why encapsulation is highly recommended to homeowners who are planning to finish their basement. The liner will protect the insulation, drywall, and other furnishings from water that penetrates the basement walls.
Learn More About Basement Encapsulation

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